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A Day of Happy Food

Life is extra chaotic for some people right now as they try to juggle the stress of working from home and trying to take care of kids. For some, it’s stressful because they’ve lost their jobs and are feeling super depressed. Wherever we fall on the spectrum, I think you’ll agree that we all need to take more time to do nice things for ourselves. Earlier this week I decided that I needed to have another “happy foods” day as a nice, fun little way to treat myself. (You may have seen me do this on Instagram a few times now.)

What is “happy foods” day, you ask? It’s simple: You spend the whole day eating and preparing foods that make you super happy. Because why not? We all deserve a little happiness and what better way to bring a smile to your face than to eat meals we enjoy?

My day started like most others, with a huge mug of green tea and a creamy bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit, nut butter, and a little dark chocolate. Oats are one of my favorite things to eat (any time, not just at breakfast), so I always try to start my day with a big bowl of this healthy, happy deliciousness.

Lunch was a quinoa-veggie bowl from my favorite local deli. It was packed with layers and layer of quinoa, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tofu, greens, and eggplant “bacon.” This is one of my favorite things to order when I go there because everything is so fresh and flavorful. (Plus, they give you enough for like 2 meals.)

As an afternoon snack I decided to play with my new NutriBullet and try a recipe I found on Pinterest for vegan Snickers bars. I had to modify the recipe a bit and ended up making mini candy bites instead of full bars. It was a messy project that I probably won’t repeat, but I was still happy with how they turned out.

For dinner, I made noodles…again. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been hitting the noodles pretty hard these last few weeks. (Carbs = love) A staple of mine is to make soba noodles and toss them with tofu and veggies cooked in a spicy Korean sauce. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s always comforting.

Overall, it was a pretty nice day. There were plenty of things outside of my control, but at least I had a full belly and a few reasons to smile.

Do you guys ever have “happy foods” days? If so, what does the day look like for you?

What's Cooking

Eating During the Time of Quarantine

Hello, friends! Thanks for checking out my blog and my first post. Originally, when I decided to create this blog, my first post was going to be about my journey back to veganism and a more eco-friendly lifestyle. But, we can talk more about all of that later, I guess. It feels somewhat inconsequential to talk about any major lifestyle changes at the moment, given everything going on in the world with COVID-19. For now, let’s just talk about some of the things I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen during quarantine.

I was cooking quite a bit before COVID hit, but I’ll admit that I ordered takeout food at least 2-3 times a week, usually on days I didn’t pack anything for lunch. Being the busy people that we are, I’m sure a lot of you were in the same boat. When we had to start staying home, I half expected myself to get sick of cooking pretty quickly. “At least I can still order food to-go or get food delivered to the house,” I thought. Surprisingly, I’ve only ordered takeout a handful of times in the last 5-6 weeks. Every weekend Boyfriend and I try to pick a local restaurant that we like and support them by ordering takeout. My daily tea/coffee runs have diminished to once a week, which has probably been an even bigger adjustment for me than cooking all my meals at home. I’m finding that I don’t even mind it that much. Staying in has forced me to be more creative, not only because ingredients are limited, but so I don’t run out of ideas and end up eating the same thing day after day.

I’ve been trying out lots of recipes from my favorite food bloggers, YouTubers, and cookbooks. Lately, I’ve been really into cooking Korean-inspired meals, as Korean food is one of my favorites.

There’s also been plenty of baking happening, as well. I bake a lot as it is, but considering everything that’s been going on, I’ve ramped things up. (Anyone else stress baking like crazy?) There have been cookies, breads, cakes, cobblers, and candies appearing on my counter at least three times a week…which is why I’ll be calling my quarantine memoir, Land of a Thousand Carbs.

What kinds of things have you all been making lately? Are you sick of cooking yet?